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Roteño Creamy Starter - €7,50

Emulsion puree made from a mixture of fresh local tomatoes and roteño peppers (cuerno Cabra), with a touch of onion, garlic, salt and extra virgin olive oil [1,2]

Ensaladilla - €9,50

Traditional spanish potato salad recipe with tuna, grated carrot, alioli and a touch of spicy red chili pepper [4,5]

Chicken Crunch Croquettes - €10,00

Our very own handmade croquettes with firewood-roasted chicken in a soft bechamel sauce,  then coated with a mixture of special breadcrumbs resulting in a unique crunch [1,2,3,4,6]

Tuna Toast Horderves - €10,00

Smoked cured tuna laid over a pistachio and soy mayonnaise with a sprinkled minced mixture of vegetables [1,3,4,5,8]

Buffalo Chicken Dip - €13,20

Made with juicy shredded chicken, creamy ranch dressing, hot sauce and served with jalapenos and cheese.  Baked until golden, bubbly, and perfect for dipping with our corn chips [2,4]

Tuna Tataki - €18,50 ⭐New⭐
Fresh, seared, and bursting with flavor – our Sushi grade Bluefin Tuna Tataki is prepared using the highest-quality red tuna while meticulously flash-searing its sides, creating a stunning contrast between the smoky char and the cool, melt-in-your-mouth rare center. Served with wasabi pearls and a garden fresh vegetable marinade [1,2,3,5,9]
Chicken Wings - €10,80

Fresh AAA grade wings, lightly breaded in our mix of herbs, onion, garlic, chilies, and smoked paprikas, choice of sauce on the side or hand-tossed before serving. As a healthier alternative, we also offer grilled chicken wings [1,2] 

Fresh-cut carrots or celery with a side of homemade blue cheese or homemade ranch – €2,50

Add extra large dipping sauce bowls - €2,50

Three textures Tomato Salad with Andalusí Vinaigrette - €11,80

A spectacular combination of kumato, pink, and pear tomatoes complimented with cubes of feta cheese and seasoned with our exquisite Andalusian vinaigrette dressing [2,4]

Fresh Sprouts - €13,50

Blend of fresh sprouts with avocado, mango, red onion, black olives, and mozzarella balls [2,4]

Fuego Salad - €13,80

A mix of fresh sprouts. roasted chicken breast, red onion, homemade croutons, tomato, pancetta cubes,  seasoned with our Fuego dressing and topped with aged parmesan shavings [1,2,3,4[

Our salads are normally accompanied with olive oil and vinegar, we do however make our own homemade Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressings for an excellent substitution upon request. 

Bonito in Escabeche - €11,90

Albacore Tuna in a low reduction olive oil and tomato sauce with vinaigrette garden peppers [2,7]

Jamón From the Sea - €26,00

New to the culinary scene, as jamón ibérico is to land, we bring its counterpart of the sea, prepared and cured in a similar manner, these are exquisite razor thin sliced cuts of AAA grade blue fin tuna belly [2,7]

Cheese Sampler
*1/2 - €16,00 *Full - €27,80

Aged cheeses from Apolonio DO, traditionally made as they were 100 years of ago, 1) Sheep cheese reserve, matured 12 months in extra virgin olive oil  2)  Aged +15 month sheep cheese [4]

Steamed Mussels with Micro Picadillo in Vinaigrette - €13,50

Galician mussels from northern Spain garnished with Andalusian vinaigrette and seasoned with micro picadillo “farm-fresh: minced tomato, pepper, and onions» [2,7]

Sea Bass Ceviche - €16,80

Fresh raw sea bass finely cut into half-inch cubes, soaked in fresh lime juice for 10 minutes before serving it with julienned red onions, fresh cilantro, and a hint of french chile pepper spice [5] 

Tuna Tartare - €19,80

Cubed and diced marinated red tuna from Almadraba de Barbate, served on a delicious fresh base of avocado and chopped tomatoes [5] 

Steak Tartare - €19,80

Meaty, bold, and delicious. Raw filet mignon cut into quarter-inch cubed pieces  marinated in soy, dijon, a hint of Worcestershire sauce with an herb and sesame mix sprinkle, served with an egg yolk over the top for a creamy finish [2,3,5,6,9] 

Tuna Sashimi Almadraba
*1/2 - €16,80 *Full - €25,80

Exquisite thin cuts of ahi tuna accompanied by a wakame salad, ginger and wasabi garnishes [2,3,5,9]

Sandwiches and Pastas

Signature Sandwiches
Pulled Pork Fuego - €10,90

Slow-cooked, low-temperature roast pork in our dry rub cajun spice mix, finished with Fuego barbecue sauce [1,2,3]

Argentinian Gaucho - €12,80

Specially selected pork loin and picnic cuts, slow-cooked and drizzled with Olga’s Argentinian chimichurri family recipe, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and long thin sliced pickles [1,2]

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich - €12,80

Juicy chicken marinated in our unique fiery blend of spices and breaded in our crispy batter mixture, drizzled with our fuego buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomato and sweet and sour pickle slices. Served with our homemade blue cheese or ranch dressing sauces, served on brioche bread [1,2,4]

Spicy Chicken Wrap - €12,50

Fried chicken strips battered and served with buffalo sauce, 4 cheese cheddar mix, lettuce, tomato, and sliced onions in a toasted wrap. Splashed with our homemade blue cheese or ranch dressing  [1,2,4]

As a healthier alternative, we offer shredded roasted chicken breast 

Grilled Burrito - €12,50

Angus beef sauteed with peppers, onions and tomatoes. Served on a lightly toasted soft shell tortilla with cheddar cheese, red onions, tomatoes, lettuce, salsa and sour cream [1,2]

Birria Tacos - €13,80

Authentic Jalisco recipe. 3 select cuts of meats cooked 12 hours in a slow-cooked firewood oven. Thinly shredded then served in warm grilled corn tortillas with white onions, cilantro, lime, and perfectly melted in quesillo. Side consommé and mango pico de gallo. The tacos are dipped into the consommé before eating, adding an extra layer of flavor and moisture [2,4]

Taco Rolls - €13,50

Shredded chipotle chicken tossed in veggies then rolled into corn tortillas before being flash fried, topped with our homemade tomatillo sauce for an intense fusion of flavors and crunch all at the same time [2,4]

Quesadilla Fiesta - €12,00

Melted cheese, shredded rotisserie chicken breast, savory sauteed fillings, and a hint of spice – our quesadillas are a symphony of taste [1,2,4]

Fuego Chicken Club Sandwich- €11,50

Roasted chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, cheese, fuego dressing sauce served on a tall double decker stack [1,2,3,4]

Swedish Club Sandwich - €10,90

Smoked salmon, pickles, blue cheese, dill yogurt dressing, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions on a tall double decker stack  [1,4,5]

Pastrami Club Sandwich - €11,90

Roast beef brined then low heat oven smoked to medium doneness, lettuce, tomato, red onions, pickles and mayonnaise served on a tall double decker stack [1,2,3,6]


Homemade Mac and Cheese – €4,50
Oven Veggies – €4,50
Coleslaw Salad – €4,00
Fuego Wedges – €4,60
Organic Homemade French Fries – €3,50

All of our fries are cut and peeled in our kitchen, we recommend drizzling them with our specialty sauces: €.50 
Roasted Chicken Herbs, Argentinian Chimichurri, Fuego sauce, homemade blue cheese or homemade ranch. 

House Burger - €9,50

Angus sirloin beef (190g/.4lbs) on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles served on a soft butter brioche bun [1,2]

Extras – €1,00 each

    • Cheese [4]
    • Carmelized Onions [3]
    • Bacon [2]
    • Avocado 
    • Fried Egg  
Smash Burger - €12,00

Two Angus sirloin beef patties smashed for the perfect crust, flavorful and dripping with double cheese, sauteed onions and pickles, finished off with our smash burger sauce served on a soft butter brioche bun [1,2,4,10]

Vegan Burger - €9,00

Mix of legumes and mushrooms with incredible organoleptic characteristics (texture, flavor and smell) [1,2,3] 

Wok Stir Fry - €13,90

Dish inspired by oriental cuisine with a mixture of vegetables sautéed in teriyaki and ginger at high temperature [1,2,3]

Bolognese - €12,80

An Italian classic with our pisto bolognese sauce consisting of seasonal sauteed tomatoes, green and red peppers, onions, carrots, garlic, and mushrooms, topped off with fresh ground beef and herbs [1,2,3]

Garlic Shrimp - €19,80

A ‘gambas al ajillo’ for pasta.  Thinly sliced market fresh shrimp, sautéed in first press olive oil, infused with red spicy chilies, sliced garlic, and parsley before serving it over pasta [1,2,3]

Carbonara - €12,80

Slow-cooked butcher bacon, tossed-in mushrooms, and thinly sliced white onions with aged parmesan cheese and vegetarian cream for that perfect mix of comfort meets healthy feel [1,2,3

4 Way Mac-n-Cheese - €12,50

Next-level mac’n’cheese with an intense combination of cheddar, emmental, gouda, and aged parmesan cheese each melted for the perfect infusion of cheese and pasta [1,2,3]

Our pasta dishes are made upon the order, therefore we offer the option of either No.9 Spaghetti or No.77 Pennoni Rigati.
We also offer Gluten Free pasta.

Land and Sea

Signature Reds
Beef Sirloin - €25,00
Beef Ribeye - €21,80(300g) or €50/Kg
Argentinian Top Sirloin- €25/200g
Bone-in Top Sirloin - €50/Kg
Specialty Aged
Gallega - Sidreria - Retinta - Northern European (Market Price, see aging cellar)
Baby Back Fuego Ribs - €12,90/€19,80

Baby back ribs, dry rubbed in a thick southern style mix of herbs and spices like non other, 3-2-1 method then finished on an open flame for a tender fall of the bone ribs, choice of barbecue sauce on the side, but our favorite is brushed before grilling  [2,3]

Presa Ibérica - €20,00

The shoulder cut is one of the most valued and exquisite parts of the Iberian pork. This meat has a soft marbled which gives it a texture and juiciness that maintains the perfect balance with the leaner meat [2,3]

Rotisserie Chicken
*1/4 - €6,50 *1/2 - €12,00 *Whole- €16,90

1.6kg(3.5lbs) fresh whole chicken dry rubbed with our mix of seasonal herbs, then rotisserie roasted for two hours over oak and olive tree wood for a natural smoked flavor finish making it an irresistible favorite and signature Fuego dish [2,3]

Crispy Fried Chicken
*1/2 - €8,50 *Whole - €15,00

Traditional spanish fried chicken in a lemon pepper marinade [2,3]

Grilled Chicken Wings -
*1/2 - €10,80 *Full - €17,50

Fresh AAA grade naked wings, marinated in a sweet herbal and wine base mix, then grilled over fire, choice of sauce on the side, but our favorite is lightly brushed before grilling [2]

Fried Chicken Wings
*1/2 - €10,80 *Full - €17,50

Fresh AAA grade wings, lightly breaded in our mix of herbs, onion, garlic, chilies, and smoked paprikas, choice of sauce on the side or hand-tossed before serving [1,2] 

Fresh-cut carrots or celery with a side of homemade blue cheese or homemade ranch – €2,50

Heat Sauces
Dip Homemade Blue Cheese, Homemade Ranch Dressing
Mild Barbecue, Fuego, Argentinian Chimichurri, Teriyaki
Medium Buffalo, Mojo Picón, Hickory Sweet Chili
HOT! Hot, X-Hot, Blazzin' Reaper

Add extra large dipping sauce bowls - €3,00

Red Tuna Top Loin - €12,00/100g
Red Tuna Belly - €15,00/100g
Sea Bass - €19,80

Market fresh sea bass grilled and served with seasonal vegetables on the side [5]

Salmon - €19,80

Northern European salmon lightly grilled and served with seasonal vegetables on the side [5]

Tuna Tataki - €18,50 ⭐New⭐
Fresh, seared, and bursting with flavor – our Sushi grade Bluefin Tuna Tataki is prepared using the highest-quality red tuna while meticulously flash-searing its sides, creating a stunning contrast between the smoky char and the cool, melt-in-your-mouth rare center. Served with wasabi pearls and a garden fresh vegetable marinade [1,2,3,5,9]
Brocheta Mixta - €22,80

Perfectly grilled skewer of sea bass and salmon with fresh vegetables, eggplant, zucchini and cherry tomatoes [5]

Grilled Octopus
*1/2 - €16,00 *Full - €25,00

Lightly seasoned and caged grilled over a low flame for the perfect tender yet juicy finish [5]

For the Little Ones

Kids Burger - €6,90

Angus sirloin beef slider served with a side of homemade organic french fries [1,2]

Hot Dog - €6,50

Flame grilled hot dog served with a side of homemade organic fries [1,2]

Chicken Fingers- €6,90

Homemade chicken fingers lighty battered and fried served with a side of hommade organic french fries [1,2]

Mac-N-Cheese - €6,50

Little version of our next-level mac’n’cheese with a combination of 100% real cheddar, emmental, gouda, and a hint of parmesan cheese [1,2,3]

Spaghetti - €6,90

Kid-friendly version of No.9 Spaghetti tossed with marinera meat sauce [1,2]

Spoil Yourself Desserts

Tiramisú - €5.50

Classic Italian recipe with our own twist in a perfect sweet and creamy finish [1,4,6]

Cheese Cake - €5,50

Cheese cake with roasted pineapple and coconut crumb cookie [4,6]

Lemon Custard - €5,50

Fresh Lemon mousse custard with a chocolate crumb cookie [1,4,6]

Chocolate Cream - €5,50

Belgium mousse chocolate with fresh raspberries and blueberries [1,4,6]

Seasonal Dessert - €5,50

We are always elaborating new delicacies, ask us about our off the menu shenanigans [ask for allergens]

All of our desserts are homemade from scratch, but please keep in mind that some are seasonal and very limited in quantities. 


1-Gluten, 2-Sulfites, 3-Soy, 4-Lactoids, 5-Fish, 6-Eggs, 7-Crustaceans, 8-Nuts, 9-Sesame, 10-Mustard

Gluten-free bread, picos and  pasta are available upon request. Basket of bread and picos per adult €1.00. If you do not want this service, please let us know. Our bread is made fresh for each meal. We have 3 varieties: rustic, corn flour bread, nuts with raisins. Ask about the varieties available each day.

Drinks and Cocktails


Sangría – €18,00
Our concoction of top shelf liquors with choice of either Red or White wine.

Craft Brews - Malandar Brewing

Soul – GlutenFree Pilsner
Alc.% 5.0 12 IBU – Pint €5.50
Oso Flaco – Hoppy Pilsner

Alc.% 5.3 27 IBU – Pint €5.00
Fuego – Pale Ale
Alc.% 5.0 25 IBU – Pint €5.00
Fuego IPA – West Coast IPA
Alc.%6.5 65 IBU – Pint €5.50
O’Sister – NZ IPA
Alc.% 7 32 IBU – Pint €6.00
Dougall’s Collab – NZ IPA
Alc.% 8 35 IBU – Pint €6.00
Wavy – Double IPA
Alc.% 8.0 45 IBU – Pint €6.50
Round One – Toffee Stout
Alc.% 5.3 20 IBU – Pint €5.50
Mojito – Pastry Sour
Alc.% 5.0 12 IBU – Pint €6.00
Creamy Fantasy – Pastry Stout
Alc.% 9.5 20 IBU – Pint €6.50


Soda / Juices – €2,20/2,00
Water – €1,75 / 2,95
Sparkling Water – €2,95
Energy – €3,50
Tinto Verano – €2,50


Cruzcampo Glass/Double – €2,00/3,85
Aguila Glass/Double – €2,20/4,00
Cruzcampo Esp. Bottle – €3,00
Cruzcampo 0´0 Bottle – €3,00
Cruzcampo G.F. Bottle – €3,00


Garum – €20,00 Glass- €3,50
Tarsus Roble – €20,00 Glass- €3,50
Tarsus Crianza – €25,00 Bottle
Azpilicueta – €18,00 Glass- €3,50
Muga – €25,00 Bottle


Bottle- €16,00 Glass – €3,00
  Tierra Blanca Seco
  Tierra Blanca Semidulce
  Castillo S. Diego
Mosaico – €18,50 Bottle
Ribera Vitulia – €24,00 Bottle
Martín Codax – €21,00 Bottle


Risa – €15,00 Glass – €3,00
Croft-Twist – €16,80 Glass – €3,50


GH Mumm – €60,00
Moët & Chandon – €70,00

Marco Jerez

Manzanilla – €2,50
Fino Tio Pepe Copa – €2,50
Solera 1847 Copa – €2,50
Oloroso Alfonso Copa – €2,80
Amontillado Principe Copa – €3,00


Martini – €3,50
Pacharán – €5,00
Baileys – €5,00
Tía María – €5,00
Licores Sin – €3,50
Vermut Casero – €3,00

Mix Drinks


Whiskeys JB, Ballantine’s, JVO ER, W. Label

Vodka Absolute, Smirnoff, Eristoff, Black

Ginebra Rives, Beefeater, Seagram´s Exotica

Ron Bacardi, Barceló, Capitan Morgan, Pampero, Brugal


Four Roses, Jack Daniels

Tanqueray, Larios 12, Hendricks, Sapphire, Martin Miller

Havana 7, Santa Teresa, Cacique


Cocktails (coming soon)

Bloody Mary
Dirty Martini
Espresso Martini
Gin Tonic (infused herbs)
Long Island Iced Tea
Old Fashioned

…your suggestions welcomed!

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